July 16, 2018

Step 2: Get New Monitor


I love Amazon Prime.  After realizing that I was going to need a new monitor for my new computer, I immediately went to the Retail Giant and ordered one.  It arrived today.  Now, I have a great relationship with the not-receptionist at work.  I tell her I've got packages coming, and she usually brings them to me once they show up.

Not today.  Today, Amazon shipped the monitor in a HUGE box lined with, I dunno, sheets of lead disguised to look like crumpled paper.  The thing weighed a whole bunch... not as much as the computer, true, but still a whole bunch.  Too much, considering the monitor itself is allegedly only nine pounds.  

I'm terrified it's too big for the available space.  I know I've got the room... my measurements confirmed it... but it still feels too large.

Unfortunately, I don't know when I'm going to get to set up and go!  I've got 9.5 hours of OT to do in the next four days.  That means late nights at work and dear god the Windows setup process is... well, you know.

But it's here!  And who knows, maybe I'll get the flu or something.

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1 Windows itself is really quick and easy these days.  But then you have to install all your usual software, which can definitely be a bit of a grind.

Oh, Freesync monitor, nice!  I don't game enough these days to worry about that - I was running my second monitor at 30Hz for the past 10 months - but with that and your new PC things should be buttery smooth.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at July 17, 2018 03:24 AM (PiXy!)

2 Totally off topic, but when I saw the Charlemagne the Great rubber ducky, I immediately thought of you (been lurking a long time). Saw it at Alma Boykin's blog.

Posted by: Frank at July 17, 2018 04:08 AM (m+Emq)

3 A rubber duck that almost has my name on it? SWEET!

Posted by: GreyDuck at July 17, 2018 07:08 AM (rKFiU)

4 Mitch, I'm sorry, I had to delete your comment.  I don't allow raw URLs here at The Pond.  Please use the link button in the comment toolbar!  Raw URLs make Wonderduck cry, 'k?

Posted by: Wonderduck at July 17, 2018 08:06 AM (POEh5)

5 Freesync?  Nice.  Check the manuals, though:  the monitor has HDMI and DP, but you may find FS only works with the DP connector.  Of course, with that system it may not really matter--the 580 is a really powerful card.

Posted by: Rick C at July 17, 2018 08:46 AM (Q/JG2)

6 The (200-pound solid bamboo plywood) TV stand I ordered from Amazon on the 11th was supposed to arrive in the first two weeks of August. They called yesterday morning to ask if today was good, and when it showed up at 9:15 AM, the guys asked "do you want this inside?". "Yes, please, or I'll have to watch TV on the front porch".

(and I don't want to say how much I spent as soon as I had it unpacked and decided to pull the trigger on replacing the TV, receiver, and speakers, but I saved $300 because Prime Day!)


Posted by: J Greely at July 17, 2018 01:08 PM (tgyIO)

7 My whole computer including 27" monitor weighs 19 lbs.  Though the Logitech speakers I added weigh another 19 lbs.  The subwoofer weighs 16 lbs by itself.

I saw the speakers I wanted were on sale at a local store and walked over there to pick them up.  Big mistake...

Posted by: Pixy Misa at July 18, 2018 01:16 AM (PiXy!)

Posted by: muon at July 18, 2018 08:16 PM (vMYTH)

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