November 30, 2006

Sad Duck In Snow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... No, wait, maybe not THAT much!!!  AIIEEEEEEE!!!

As regular readers know, The Pond is located near Chicago. If you believe the forecasts, we're currently staring into the barrel of Snowmageddon. A foot or more of the white stuff by noon on Friday, with the worst hitting in the morning.

In preparation for this beast, United Airlines and American Airlines cancelled hundreds of flights into and out of O'Hare for Friday. I saw some quasi-panic buying at the grocery store on the way home from the Duck U. Bookstore this evening ("The End Is Nigh... I need 48 cans of Red Bull!").

This looks like a bad one, but nothing will equal the worst storm I was ever in. Back 15 years ago, I was attending grad school in Minnesota. I Was There during the Great Halloween MegaStorm. The link shows the official numbers, but the real numbers are worse: The Pond (Northern Edition) got 24-1/2 inches of snow in 12 hours.

And after that, the wind jumped to 40-50mph, picked up the top inch or so, and caused blizzard conditions despite it not snowing at the time.

Ever since then, I've not been intimidated by any Illinois storm... but this one looks naughty.

UPDATE 827am: There's six inches or so on The Pond's balcony, and the worst of the storm is reportedly still yet to come. Duck U. is opening at noon.

ANOTHER UPDATE 1101am: Duck U. isn't going to open today, which is smart. Took 'em long enough to decide that, considering that there's another three inches of snow on my balcony since the last update. The town of Duckford has declared a 'State of Emergency'. I think that's a little extreme, but then, I haven't left The Pond at all. Nor do I have a particular desire to do so. Maybe to brush off the Duckmobile later.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE 1235pm: And the snow stopped, as predicted, at noon. Now the shoveling begins...

STILL YET ANOTHER UPDATE 110pm: The Duckmobile is cleaned off, but I'm not going anywhere. The parking lot of The Pond hasn't been plowed yet, and the idiots around here can't understand that if they try to get out of the KNEE-DEEP SNOW with their riddly-plink POS cars, they're gonna get stuck... and they have. The way to get out is to take it in small bites, a foot at a time or so, not to take it all in one go.

And to wait for the plow. Now, if the internet goes out, or even worse the power, I might be able to get out, but only in that level of an emergency. In case you're wondering, the sources of the above photoshop are from the Kanon 2006 OP (of course) and episode 26 of Ghost In The Shell: Stand-Alone Complex.

The title of this post is a tip of the chapeau to Fred Gallagher's "Sad Girl In Snow" concept...

I love Photoshop.

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1 YIKES!!!

It does, indeed, sound like Snowmageddon is on its way.

Stay safe!

Posted by: Mallory at December 01, 2006 02:35 AM (KJzva)

2 What a good pic! Makes me want to pick up the duck and wrap him in a blanket. Stay warm WonderDuck, and enjoy how beautiful 12" of snow can be when you don't have to drive in it!

Wonderduck sez: Ladies and Gentlemen, my mother!

Posted by: Quackerlady at December 01, 2006 07:32 AM (YadGF)

3 The homage to Kanon was obvious, and I could've done it without referring to, ahem, Megatokyo of all things. I think you didn't even need to spoil it ^_^

BTW, I live in California where it never snows. So two years ago I managed to get snowed in while crossing Sierras. After spending a night in parking lot of a Safeway and almost being run over by a Caterpillar cleaning the lot, I bought a monstrous SUV (OK, not really. Just a RAV4. But it's awesome in snow when chained). Can't wait for the next trip :-)

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at December 01, 2006 11:46 AM (9imyF)

4 We got our snow here north of Denver earlier in the week... only about 7" here at my house, but plenty more up in the mountains and foothills. For some reason, they didn't do all that great a job clearing the roads with this storm, so I've been making good use of my 4WD.

Posted by: Jeff Lawson at December 01, 2006 01:08 PM (OqFkA)

5 What have you got against Megatokyo, Pete?

Jeff, I had no idea you read The Pond! I'm flattered!

Posted by: Wonderduck at December 01, 2006 06:13 PM (YadGF)

6 I could've sworn I've left comments in the past... hmm. Either way, yeah, I've been lurking and reading for a few months now.

Posted by: Jeff Lawson at December 02, 2006 01:38 PM (OqFkA)

7 Is the sad duck Ayu or the toy?!
Lol love that line, "Sad Duck in the Snow!"  

Posted by: charizardpal at June 13, 2010 03:32 PM (vFcl1)

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