March 03, 2010


USF1 is now, for all intents and purposes, completely dead.  Over the weekend, the team requested permission to miss the 2010 season and have their slot on the grid held until 2011.  On Tuesday, the entire staff of the fledgling American team was put on unpaid leave, pending the FIA's decision.

Today, the decision was handed down... and the answer was "No."  The team no longer has a place on the grid for this year or next year.  Considering that any legitimate investor will look at the team's track record and run screaming for the hills, there's practically no chance for USF1 to rise from the dead and reapply in 2011.

Nobody has seen Peter "Smarmy" Windsor for months.  The one driver they announced is about to join Campos Meta (which, after financial troubles of their own, has been renamed HRT F1) as their reserve.  Ken Anderson is squarely in the targeting reticule as having mismanaged the team into the grave. 

At least StefanGP didn't get the slot.  The FIA decided to go with a 12-team grid this year, instead of letting the obnoxious Toyota grave robbers take the slot.  So there's some small blessing in all this.

Damned shame, this.

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It almost seemed like USF1 was off to too good a start.  :-(  Things were going tooo smoothly.

I hope F1 remembers that they have lots of American fans who would like a home race, even if we can't have a home team.




Posted by: Mallory at March 04, 2010 09:52 AM (WJ2qy)

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