December 27, 2017

'Net's Misbehavin'...

So ever since late Christmas night my intarwebz has been, to be blunt, suckin' like a thirsty vampire with a really thin straw.  It's up for a minute, then down for five, then I may as well be receiving data via morse code for all the good it's doing.  I've been informed that it's affecting all of the buildings in the back of the Pond Central Apartment Complex... and my building is the backiest of the back that's ever backed.  No, seriously... Pond Central's building is the farthest south in the complex, behind me is nothing but a large expanse of lawn, a row of trees, then corn.  Lots and lots of corn.  Not right now of course... now it's lots and lots of not a whole lot, honestly... but yeah.  I'm being affected.

They say it should be back up "soon."  When I pressed them on that, they said it'll be up by 2018... which is their way of saying "shaddap."

So if you don't hear from me much, it's not my usual lack of blogging... it's that I'm being forced to not blog.  If you see this message, that means Hooray, I hit the save button at the fraction of a second my internet was working!  If you don't... well, no real need to get into that, is there?

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