September 23, 2005

Jumbled Mess Of A Post.

I've noticed that recently I've been appearing on Steven DenBeste's Chizumatic more than I've been appearing here, on my own blog talking about anime.

I'm going to do something about that. I was originally going to post something interesting and witty about today's televised practice session for the Brazilian Grand Prix, but just couldn't pull something out of my hat... there just wasn't much interesting happening!

Oh, sure, Mitchell Schumacher was looking pretty sporty when he wasn't cooking himself some Bridgestones for lunch, or sending himself spinning, but we all know this isn't Ferrari's year; he could be turning fast lap after fast lap today, and he still won't be on the podium come Sunday. Although... it's supposed to rain on Sunday. If that happens, throw everything into a cocked hat, it's anybody's race.

The McLarens were quick, Renault was fast, Sauber (the hell?) was fast... I fully expect that Kimi or Juan Pablo will win, but Alonso will clinch the Drivers Championship, probably finishing third.

As far as ANIME goes, I'm working on a post entitled "Why Anime?" It'll explain why I enjoy watching Japanese cartoons, and why it should be even MORE popular than it is already. Hopefully, I'll have it up before The Dreaded Visit to the Oral Surgeon on Monday.

Until then, enjoy Saturday's Quals; I'll be back afterwards with a rundown.

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