October 22, 2008

"It's a paradox!" "No, it's a pair of DUCKS... in anime!"

-Hidamari x365, ep10

I so want one of the Hidamari ducks for my flock.

The second pic of the pair o' ducks is below, because some incredibly uptight, prudish office might think it's vaguely NSFW.  It's not, but someone might think it is.  So click

-Hidamari x365, ep10 also

I just love this shot.  Of course, I'm a big fan of Hidamari Sketch, the all-time leader in the "Ducks In Anime" category, as well.  It's just a fun show.  It's Azumanga Daioh with normal students.  No junior Einstein, no tall cool beauty, no Osaka, no Wildcat Idiot, just four more-or-less regular nice girls, living in an apartment complex across the street from their high school.  Not laugh-out-loud funny, but quiet-smile funny.  Almost peaceful, in a way.

And there's ducks.

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