October 04, 2008

In Praise of RACS

This past Tuesday, the ARIA Season 1 boxset was released and I, being a huge fan of the series, needed to order it.  There was no question of where I'd be heading to place the order: Robert's Anime Corner Store.  Huge selection of just about anything anime or manga related, decent prices, yadda yadda yadda.  Lots of on-line places have those things.

But here's where RACS is different: Customer Service.  After I placed the order, I gave them my Duck U. e-mail address... which makes sense, because I usually have packages shipped to the Bookstore (that's where I am during the day, after all).  The problem is, Duck U's IT department has upgraded their e-mail filters from "hungry" to "rapacious", and after 24 hours, I hadn't gotten the usual confirmation e-mails from RACS... they never even made it to my "junk folder", being killed before they reached my mailbox altogether.

So I e-mailed RACS' customer service (from my everyday e-mail addy) explaining the situation, how I gave the wrong e-mail address, never got the e-mails, blah blah blah.  A short time later, I get a response, and this is where RACS truly stands above all the other 'Brand X' websites out there:

Robert himself replied. 

The President of the company dealt with my problem, and took the time to say hi while he was doing so.  I know he's dropped by The Pond before, and I've even exchanged e-mails with him once (about 18 months ago), but still:  PRESIDENTS DON'T DO THAT!  At least, not unless the person is screaming to high heaven about lawsuits and so forth (which I wasn't), and even then, they're more likely to lawyer up. 

For that reason, if I need to order something, I will always go to RACS first.  If you're in the market for anime, you should too.  Thanks, Robert!

Besides... Noemi's cute.

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