August 18, 2006


Look, I'm willing to watch just about any piece of anime thats out there. Heck, I even liked Ikkitousen.

But THIS... this... THING... is just too horrible to contemplate.

And that's just the OP!

Some of the lyrics from the OP:

Club-To-Death Angel, spraying blood everywhere, Dokuro-chan! / Club-to-Death Angel, she makes you bleed from the heart, Dokuro-chan! / I'll step on you, tie you up, beat you up... ...but that's just how I express my love!"


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1 Watching the first "episode" was hilarious (its actually two logical 15 minute episodes in a single physical 30 minute episode), but the fun factor went down a lot in the following episodes. I kept watching the episodes to see how the situation was resolved, only to find that it wasn't.

Posted by: Kayle at August 19, 2006 09:50 AM (Qsm1J)

2 You missed the lyric where the angel is singing about being a cocktease. This looks so awful, I have to watch at least part of it--I haven't killed enough brain cells this month.

It should be finished downloading tonight.

The Duck sez: Nope, didn't miss it, intentionally left it out. I never thought I was a prude, but what was funny in the OP seemed out of place on a Pond post.

Posted by: ubu at August 22, 2006 06:27 AM (dhRpo)

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