December 15, 2008


Momzerduck and Ph.Duck are currently on their way to New Mexico.  Once there, they'll be burying my grandmother's ashes.  Weather permitting, they'll be back December 23rd, as they're doing this trip via car.

However, this plan brought up a dilemma: what to do with their cat?  In the past, there were two cats, and they'd keep each other company in the time between the two daily visits from the next-door neighbor... but with the passing of Rumpole, suddenly that option was removed from the table.  Another option was taking the second cat with them: he has traveled well in the past, but he's getting older, too... it wouldn't be a good time.  But I had a solution.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce my houseguest for the next couple of weeks... Hercule!

"I'll be killing you while you sleep, Wonderduck."
Hercule is not overly thrilled with this arrangement, truth be told.  I rank a *very* distant third in his "humans tolerated" list, behind Ph.Duck and Momzerduck.  Still, I hope it won't be too traumatic for him.

He does like laser pointers, though.  So I've got that going for me.  Which is nice.

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