January 21, 2007

Here we go...

Chicago-style hot dogs? Check.

WBBM on the radio, with Jeff Joniak on the coverage? Check.

Snowing outside? Check.

Let's get ready for some football!!!!

First half is over... click for the instant analysis. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bears defense is all OVER the Saints' offense. Haven't seen them look that good in a while... swarming the ball, tight coverage on the receivers, and other than two big plays, the Saints haven't gotten ANYTHING going. Throw in two sacks, two fumbles, and Drew Breese on his back almost every time he throws, and it's looking like the "D" are feeling their oats.

Except for the last two minutes, that is. Helluva catch by... Colston? #12 for the Saints. I suppose there could have been a flag thrown on him for offensive pass interference, but just a great move and catch that eventually led to the Saints only score. Best play of the game so far.

Rex Grossman is not good today; I'd like to see what Griese can do here, but Lovie Smith is too hard-headed to try it. This game should be over already... the first three fieldgoals would have been TDs with a halfway decent QB, I think.

Fortunately, Thomas Jones is ahouseafire. We may not NEED a passing attack if he keeps it up. Throw in Ced Benson's impersonation of a battering ram, and you gotta be impressed.

The kick coverage from the Bears is just eating the Saints alive. Adrian Peterson is just living in the face of whoever has the ball.

Second half coming up... 30 minutes to Miami or heartbreak.

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1 Heh. So you're doing this too?

Posted by: ubu at January 21, 2007 08:18 AM (T6O2z)

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