June 24, 2006

Happy Blogiversary!

One year ago, during the runup to the Canadian Grand Prix, Wonderduck's Pond was born!

While it may be my Blogiversary, without you folks, The Pond's readers, there wouldn't BE a Pond. "You few, you happy few, you band of lunatics...." You've made doing this thing fun!

Special nods of the head go to:

Mallory, the Official First Reader (who's computer has been coughing and sputtering for the past couple of months), who convinced me to blog in the first place, so others could enjoy the F1 Updates! that I e-mailed her every race, and who was kind enough to give me a link in her weekly column on wrestling (which brought me the Official Oversea's Reader, Flotsky!)

A special nod of the head to SDB, who has been kind enough to link to me on occasion (even if his tastes in motorsports border on the boorish).

And a gigantic 'Thank You' to Pixy Misa, who lets the Pond muck up his servers, and got me away from Blogspot Hell. Also near as I can tell, the only Pond reader in Australia.

Thanks, everybody. Now lets go put on silly hats and make odd noises!

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1 Yay! Thank you for the namecheck, been great fun talking with you here thus far, look forward to more years of this!

Posted by: flotsky at June 28, 2006 07:45 PM (6T2ID)

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