November 25, 2017

F1 Quals: Abu Dhabi 2017

I'm a little pressed for time, but I didn't want to leave y'all hanging!  Here's the provisional grid for the 2017 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi:

Different graphical format today... the usual grid layout isn't copying correctly, and Firefoxy doesn't work today for some reason.  So instead you get a picture!  Sorry... just imagine the nicknames, 'k? 

Yup, Bottas is a full half-second ahead of the third place sitting Seb Vettel.  As predicted, the weather was perfect for the Silver cars, and thus one of the Mercs was fastest in all three phases of Quals.  It was Bottas that was the fastest when it mattered, though, setting a new track record in the process.  Unsurprisingly, Hamilton is now saying that he hopes we don't "have a train" in the race... I suspect he'd be saying "yes, please, choo-choo" if he was on pole, though.

So we're all set for the 2017 finale, tomorrow morning is looming soon.  We'll see ya then, then!

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1 Toro Rosso may not be holding on to 6th. But if no one from Renault, Haas, or Toro Rosso scores points...which is possible... I guess we'll see. 

Posted by: Mrs. Will at November 25, 2017 12:47 PM (JPRju)

2 Oh, and I didn't realize P4 in the drivers championship wasn't sewn up yet. Daniel is only 7 points ahead of Kimi. And for that matter, Bottas could theoretically take P3 if Vettel screws up badly enough. Well, that adds a little spice. 

Posted by: Mrs. Will at November 25, 2017 12:52 PM (JPRju)

3 Did you get stuck with the new Firefox 57? It's been giving me all kinds of minor headaches. Some are just personal nits with the interface changes, although it IS running the Book of Faces a lot better. However on my blog, it insists on putting something in all the text boxes, which keeps giving me blank More sections unless I clear them out, and adding a blank line at the bottom of my posts. (Comments seem okay).  

Posted by: Mauser at November 26, 2017 09:26 PM (Ix1l6)

4 No, about six months ago Firefoxy began to stutter and pause badly... to the point where I'd be typing and suddenly letters would stop appearing.  Then a second later, vavoop, everything I had typed would appear all in a rush.
Not just here... everywhere.  Also dropdown boxes, link clicking, etc etc etc.  So I moved over to Chrome, which works well but doesn't quite behave the same as Firefoxy.
For example, I cannot copy the quals results directly from the F1 website in Chrome... the formatting ends up broken quite badly.  So I'd start the post in Chrome, then open FF, copy and paste the results there, save it, then reopen it in Chrome.  
But Saturday, FF was being particularly recalcitrant and I was supposed to be going to Thanksgiving Meal right then, so... I went the quick'n'dirty route.

Posted by: Wonderduck at November 26, 2017 11:16 PM (EVb8m)

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