July 06, 2007

F1 Practice: Silverstone.

Usual practice session for a F1 race today. Nothing really worthwhile to mention on the track, nobody setting jaw-dropping times or the like.

Which is not to say there wasn't anything going on...

And we thought Honda's was bad...

Here we see the RedBull of David Coulthard's Chin. Did it...
A) ...Just drive past some diarrhea-suffering pigeons?
B) ...Have some problems at the printers?
C) ...Have a photo-montage for a charity event put on for this race?


This is the view from American Scott Speed's onboard T-camera. What is happening?
A) Blancmange! (particularly appropriate, given Wimbleton going on and all...)
B) Attack of the plastic bags!
C) I want to believe.

...the hell?

Ferrari had something new on their front wheels today. Was it:
A) Pizza pan?
B) E-Z Lift (tm) Handles?
C) Air Extractor?

Answers and commentary below... The answers are:

C) Photomontage. Honda still holds the record for ugliest regular livery, but this one is particularly fetid. Someone at the FIA needs to do something, quick, lest this idea gets completely out of hand.

B) Plastic bag. On the replay, you can see the bag clearly approaching from the left, get run over by the Toro Rosso, and thrown up (as seen here) towards the camera... where it promptly gets caught. No more in-car shots for you!

C) Air Extractor. It seems that the vent at the bottom of the wheel cover causes a suction of some sort, pulling air from the back of the wheel out. This increases the cooling effect on the brake discs. The drawback is increased complexity on the tire changes (they have two different airguns now, one for dry weather and this contraption, and one for wet). Disconcertingly, the wheel cover DOESN'T MOVE, so the car's going 180mph, yet looks like it's standing still. It's like the opposite of a tweaker's spinner-rims.

Other news is that Brit Jenson Button missed the 2nd practice session with a bad back, meaning we had a Christian Klein (in car #34!) sighting. Button's prognosis is questionable for Quals.

Somewhere, Zsolt Baumgartner is approaching Silverstone with blood in his eye and murder in his heart...

More after Quals.

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1 Good pics and commentary, as always!

What is Red Bull thinking? With that paint job, they look like part of the track. Ugh!

Posted by: Mallory at July 06, 2007 11:22 PM (Bc7do)

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