July 09, 2010

F1 Practice: Britain! Cancelled

I've often said that the only reason I watch practice sessions is to get used to the circuit.  Well, maybe I'll watch a bit of it later, but for now there will be no coverage of Friday's 2nd Practice from Silverstone.  To be honest, life has gotten in the way... worked this morning, then went to lunch with Ph.Duck and three of my relatives (distant but close, if that makes sense), and in a short while The Librarian should be coming over.  By the time she moseys off, it'll be late and I'll be exhausted.

See, currently there's no air conditioning at Duck U.   Last year the chiller system for the U shuffled off this mortal coil.  The Powers-That-Be brought in a temporary unit (really neat, actually; mounted on a semi-trailer) and ordered a permanent replacement unit to be delivered in May of this year.

The manufacturer failed miserably.  It didn't show up until just a few weeks ago, and it has been VERY hot and humid around Duckford recently.  In fact, it hit 91 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Unfortunately, that was in the store.  And on Tuesday, we got our big shipment of used books for the Fall semester.  Of course, the freight driver refused to deliver the 73 boxes into the store (like he was supposed to) because the loading dock is a little short.  So guess who got to do it?  Ugh.

As a result, this four-day week was very long, very uncomfortable, and very very draining.  So I suspect that I'll be asleep fairly early.

Quals in the morning, THAT I'll be all over like a cheap suit on rice.

Or something like that.

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