January 12, 2007

F1 Pr0n, Toyota-style

Oh, baby! The first of the 2007 F1 cars was unveiled today...
If I said you had a beautiful chassis, would you hold it against me?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Toyota F107!

For more pictures and analysis, click below: Let's compare the TF107 to last year's TF106, shall we?

Do those tires go all the way up?

From this angle, it's pretty clear that there's been a radical remake of the nose, the sidewings (near the cockpit), and larger endplates on the tail. There's also some subtle profile differences next to and behind the driver.

Full Frontal F1... grrrrowl!

The nose changes are a lot more obvious in this shot. Smaller dip in the nose wings, with Renault-style mini-wings above the double-sectioned wings. They've also added some winglets to the side-plates, which I've never seen before. The REAR wing seems to have a signifigant bend in the center as well.

WORK that camera, sweetheart!

Just in front of the rear wheels, you've got a change in the airflow director panel shape. In the '06, there was a double pair of vertical 'fins', but the '07 has just one large box, almost. The bodywork seems a little boxier, but better blended at the same time. Is it just me, or does the front suspension have a sharper angle to it now?

One's got to assume that the upshot of all this is a perceived improvement in the aero package... almost makes me wish I had studied fluid dynamics in school.

All pictures courtesy of the Toyota F1 Team website.

Next up, Ferrari debuts their new car on Sunday... except the car isn't ready, so the car won't be at the debut party. We'll have aerodynamic studies of Kimi Raikkonen instead.

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