January 14, 2007

F1 Pr0n, Ferrari-style!

Remember when I said that Ferrari was having the debut of their car on Sunday, but the car wasn't going to be ready?

They lied.
I hate the team, but that's THE iconic livery of F1...

Unlike Toyota, Ferrari hasn't made any obvious changes to the bodywork, mostly because last year's 2-4-8 was pretty well-developed. Really, the biggest change isn't visible in the photos released by Ferrari: the wheelbase is a little longer, and the rear is a little narrower.

Another big change is the disappearance of the Vodaphone logo, which to my eyes is like the '80s McLaren cars missing the Marlboro logo. It just doesn't LOOK right... and I just realized that I'm analyzing the paintjob of the car. What is WRONG with me? More pr0n!

I have nothing clever to say.

Also missing from the car, obviously, is Mitchell Schumacher, aka 'Slappy,' aka 'Parky.' I wonder if that's going to be a killer or not.

Oh. Almost forgot. Last year, Ferrari went back to their 'classic' numbering style, calling their 2006 car the '2-4-8.' This year? Back to their new style: this is the F2007. Woo-yay.

Who's Alice, anyway? (DWL!)

Monday is the scheduled debut of the McLaren challenger... and The Pond will be there! Er... not really, but we'll be HERE, with the pictures FROM there. See you then!

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