April 02, 2008

F1 on SPEED!: Bahrain '08

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the organizers of this week's race in Bahrain have... requested... that Max Mosley perhaps not appear at the track.  He's expected to do comply with that request. 

However, we're still invited via the good folks at SPEEDchannel, and the schedule for the TV coverage is what this post is all about!

Friday, April 4th, brings us LIVE coverage of the 2nd Practice from 6a - 730a.  As you're no doubt aware, Bahrain is a small, sandy island.  How small?  The F1 race distance is actually more than one lap around the island.   While that's an interesting (if pointless) bit of trivia, it's the sand that's important to the race.  The Grand Prix weekend is, essentially, the only time this track is used during the year, so the grip level is very much the definition of "green".  Throw in the sand blowing onto the track, and there's a reason the first cars on track (invariably the junior teams) are called "sweepers" by the folks in the paddock.  They also wind up sliding around like they're on ice.  Immediately following practice, stay tuned for Inside Grand Prix from 730a - 8a.  Mr. Snooty Voice is back, as is Allianz ("Sending your money into a rathole while we take insane commission charges: we're Allianz.").

Saturday, April 5th, from 6a - 730a, is the time for LIVE coverage of the Qual sessions.  It's been announced that McLaren will be moved to the very end of the pit lane this race, as befits their last-place status from last year.  This is curious, as they've been in the middle of the paddock in the previous two races.  Why is the FIA suddenly enforcing their rules now, when to date, they've ignored them?  There's something fishy going on there...

Finally, Sunday, April 6th, from 6a - 830a, the cars hit the grid for the Grand Prix of Bahrain.  Will Ferrari run away with it?  Will McLaren reassert themselves?  Will BMW break through and turn the Big Two into the Terrific Three?  And what of the mid-pack?  Will Williams, Renault or Red Bull step up and take the next step towards the podium?  Or will we see something weird, like a sandstorm in the middle of the race?  Tune in the Legendary Announce Team and find out!  For those of you who are actually, y'know, asleep at 6am, SPEED brings us a replay from 1230p - 3p.

So that's the TV schedule.  All times Central; add an hour for the East Coast, subtract two for the West Coast, add five if you're in the middle of the Atlantic.

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Excellent overview of the weekend's racing.  Thank goodness they're back in a time zone with coverage that doesn't fall into the wee hours of the morning.

Hmmm...I'm beginning to think FIA makes up their rules as they go along.  If it turns out that last pit benefits McLaren, the rules will probably change again.

Too bad about old Max.   ;-)

Posted by: Mallory at April 02, 2008 08:59 AM (WJ2qy)

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