July 22, 2013

F1 On NBCSN: Hungary 2013

It's been three long weeks since the Grand Prix of Germany, and after this weekend, we'll have a full four weeks off for the annual F1 summer break.  So what single race do they give us to make us hungry for more?  What historic track do we get to make us long for the days of races on consecutive weekends?  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... the HUNGARORING!

A slow, high downforce circuit, it's called "Monaco without the glamour."  Which is a total lie, if you think that dusty and hot are glamourous.  For whatever reason, though, the Hungaroring is Hungary's #3 tourist attraction, behind the Danube and Lake Balaton, but ahead of Budapest.

Which says something about Hungary, I think.  For heaven's sake, this is one of the few tracks that doesn't rubber in as the weekend goes on... the dust comes on too quickly for that!  They seriously need to talk to the folks at Bahrain about using their "sand binder" thingy to keep the dust down.

Okay, let's be honest here.  I hate this place with a passion.  The only time this place coughs up a good race is when it rains, and then Jenson Button wins.  This is the place where Felipe Massa took a spring upside the helmet, and lost his mojo (and nearly his life) in the process.  This is the place where, many years ago, the Legendary Announce Team had their heads superimposed over those of people going down a waterslide that's just beyond the track... and that was the highlight of the race.

Well, it's only one weekend a year.  Surely I can muster up the enthusiasm for this one outstanding Formula 1 race?
The good news is that it's back to normal for the TV broadcasts.

Practice: 7a - 830a live
Quals: 7a - 830a live
2013 Grand Prix of Hungary: 630a - 9a live

All broadcasts are on NBCSN.  We'll be watching... will you?  See ya then!

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