April 12, 2012

F1 China Practice 1: Liveblogging!

(PRE-SESSION) So we're here, after three weeks of downtime.  Seems like forever, honestly.  What sport are we talking about again?  While we've been asleep, the F1 Circus has been active as usual, adding new aerodynamic fiddlybits here and there, while trying to keep anybody from noticing.  Meanwhile, the wailing and wringing of hands over Bahrain's human rights violations may just keep F1 away for a second straight year... that news will be coming down soon enough, probably before Quals.

(The liveblogging is now located underneath the "more" button.)

(36:42) ...and I just called up the streaming feed, and discovered that the session has been going on for an hour.  Great.  Just peachy.  It's raining.

(34:34)  Nobody is running... must mean that it's REALLY raining.  The leaderboard is a ridiculous mishmash... Pete Rose is 8th, Kittylitter is 10th.

(33:1   There must have been rain, but there's a ton o' fog in the air... or is it smog?

(29:13)  Fog.  The track is still wet and seriously slippery.  Cars are on the circuit, but they're lapping at walking speed.

(27:55)  Looks like Ferrari are giving up for the session.  Considering what it looked like out there, they were probably at the point where they might get some data, but they could certainly wreck the car.

(24:15)  The back half of the track is worse than the front... Mumbles Raikkonen just "ripped off" a lap nearly 10 seconds behind that of Mark Webber, probably done before the rain came.

(21:44) Heikki Kovaleinninninnie's radio: "The weather conditions aren't going to get any better."  Might make for a fun race, though.

(19:43) This is dull, even for a practice.

(18:41)  So, how are you?  I'm fine.  Tired, but that's to be expected.  I find myself hoping that the GP of Bahrain is cancelled... the month off would mean I'd have the run-up to my first buyback as manager of the Duck U Bookstore completely unhindered by F1.

(16:56)  Looks like night has fallen at the Shanghai International Circuit.  Weird...  must be more storms coming in.  And I swear to god, it looks like Gandalf Kobayashi is wearing a Hello Kitty helmet.

(12:52)  Sebby Vettel just lapped in 7th place.  The nightmare continues for the boy wonder.

(11:50) Forgot to mention... Lewis Hamilton will take a 5 grid-spot penalty for China.  The team inspected his gearbox after Malaysia and found... something.  Anyway, they changed it and voila, 5 grid spots gone.

(9:55)  I think Jules Vergne just said to his team that the track is too dry for inters.  People are going out on the hard compound tires.

(8:44)  Once again, I say that if you have any knowledge or interest in F1, and want to take over F1U! from me, please let me know... because it's clear I don't know what I'm talking about.

(5:26)  My broadband connection just died.  Not that anybody can read this..

(? ?)  No idea.  Can't get the stream to load.  I'm giving up for the night.  Toodles, and see you Friday night for P3 Liveblogging!

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