June 18, 2017

Ducks In Anime: UberLyft

As I often do on Saturday nights, I was online chatting with Brickmuppet (which says a lot about my life, doesn't it?).  He was sending me various and sundry pictures of a somewhat questionable nature, as is the usual wont, but one of them was different.  It was a picture of a tiny fairy-like being riding a duck.  I recognized it immediately, because c'mon, it's an anime duck... and I realized that I had never actually used that particular show before!  The time has come to rectify that mistake.

-Binchou-Tan, Ep01
The entire series has been put on yootoob and I warn you, you will immediately develop both cavities and diabetes from watching it.  But it's really kinda worth it... it's just a lovely little piece of fluff where every character is the living embodiment of types of charcoal.

It isn't all sweetness and light of course.  Binchou-tan is a lonely orphan that lives in a small house deep in the woods and has to forage for food when she isn't working in the nearby town doing menial tasks.  One of her friends is a miko that communes with the afterworld.  Y'know, that sort of thing.  There's some meat in the froth, though.  Well worth the cost of time, dental work, and insulin.  I will warn you that, unless you are completely heartless, there is a very chance you will be tearing up or flat-out crying during the last few episodes.

And it's got the best looking realistic ducks I've ever seen in anime.  That counts for a lot too.

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1 Hmmmm. May have to check this out, thanks!

Posted by: GreyDuck at June 19, 2017 07:29 AM (rKFiU)

2 Not sure if your interest just goes to rubber ducks in anime or also includes duck like characters.. but I'll post this in case it includes the latter as well.  I saw somebody offered a 1940's era anime on BakaBT called Ahiru Rikusentai.  It features duck like characters drawn in a similar style to Disney and Warner Brothers of the time.  The description was: The conflict between ducklings and frogs escalates into war. However, a lightning strike makes the fighters realize the trivial nature of their battle.
BakaBT has gone private, so I can't link to it there, but it's short and it looks like somebody posted it to youtube here.

Posted by: stargazera5 at June 19, 2017 02:50 PM (0oc59)

3 Yes, you will end up with cavities in your bones after watchign that series...but it is visually stunning and a lovely watch.

Posted by: Ed Hering at June 19, 2017 10:56 PM (kublq)

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