November 05, 2006

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Kanon 2006. The remake of the legendary, much beloved if not worshipped, game turned anime. The original series was a half-season show, made on a limited budget (from all I've read; I've never seen it, despite having d/l'd the first six episodes. Wound up deleting them unwatched). The 2006 remake, which just had the 5th episode air in Japan, is a full 26-episode series, with a BIG budget. KyoAni, the production company that made The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, is doing this show as well, and it's amazingly beautiful. Some are saying that the plot is too slow, but I'm finding it to be just right. The atmosphere is lovely (welcome to my favorite season: winter!), and the music is the same. Voice acting is superb, and so far there's little I can complain about overall.

Negima?!. Where Kanon 2006 is a remake of a series that aired in 1999, this is a remake of a show that aired... in 2005? I haven't seen the original, so I've nothing to compare the remake to, other than some AMVs I've watched. The animation looks better to my eye. Enjoyed the first three episodes, but the main story seems to start with ep4, which hasn't come out on fansub yet.

Crescent Love. Ooboo Roy's been ripping this show pretty hard (and as I went over there to get the link, I see that he's posted something covering two of the three shows I'm talking about here... I'll read it after I'm done posting this). It's generally getting reviews ranging from 'eh' to 'blech.' Me, I'm enjoying it. There's nothing NEW in it: stranger-in-a-strange-land Moon Princess visits Earth, where she homestays with Our Hero, His Younger Sister, and His Older Sister (WHOOPS! This originally said "mom." Thanks for pointing out the correct relationship, Ubu!) . The Childhood Friend is in there, too, as the Rival Love Interest. Throw into blender. Frappe'. Cliche' for days, right? Right. But sometimes a cliche' is what you WANT.

Look at the first two shows on this list: Kanon 2006 and Negima?! are both drama shows, with a smidge of humor. The other show I'm watching, Welcome to the NHK! is black humor, about a hikikomori (and once I catch up on it, I'll be writing it up).

Crescent Love is, like World of Narue, fluff. The girls are cute, the plot (such as it is) is inoffensive, and the humor is light. So what if the show is 'uncool'? I'm enjoying it, probably more than the other shows I've talked about in this post, simply because it IS fluff.

Besides, I wake up like this, too:

Good Morning!

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1 I had exactly same hopes for Crescent Love. I'll think about torrenting it once the whole show is available.

Original Kanon scarred me badly, so I'm afraid to tackle the remake. Also, I see the little bitch still steals the tayaki? Total "meh".

-- Pete

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at November 05, 2006 07:11 PM (9imyF)

2 Hey, everyone's got different tastes, and different ways of expressing themselves. For instance my grade for plot given to Kanon was "Huh?" As Steven said in a comment, it's an accurate rendition of a game. (Albeit with all the girls' stories crossed.)

Oh, and a note on Crescent: Sayuki (?) is the elder sister, not mom. I completely missed an onee-sama during her introduction, and then never went back to correct it, because it spoils the joke. It's confirmed in ep. 5, where Feena and Tatsuki discuss their first meeting; it was right after both their mothers had died.

Now if only this were Otome, it would turn out that they died in the midst of a hawt yuri rendezvous at the L5 colony, just before it was dropped on Earth... wait, wait, that's Gundam.

Posted by: ubu at November 06, 2006 02:06 AM (1I6sy)

3 "...everyone's got different tastes, and different ways of expressing themselves. For instance my grade for plot given to Kanon was 'Huh?'"

True enough, and I hope you didn't think that I was angry or anything. I'm enjoying the show, you're not, but it's not like I think Crescent Love is the greatest piece of storytelling in history.

It's pleasant, mindless entertainment. Fluff.

Posted by: Wonderduck at November 06, 2006 05:00 PM (Eodj2)

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