April 14, 2008

Chiyo-chan Gets A Facelift.

So I wake up this morning, brush my teeth, get a morning beverage, settle in front of Chiyo-chan (my smart and wonderful computer), and hit the power button on the 19" CRT.

Nothing.  Oh, it degausses itself, but nothing else happens, except for making this frightening "click. click. click. click. click." noise.

Crepe.  Dead monitor.  Well, I DID only pay $99 for it at Big Blue Box four years ago, I think that's decent enough value... but no matter what value I got out of it, it was still dead, and I was still without a working monitor.

Fast-forward to now.  Chiyo-chan is now connected to a 19" HP widescreen LCD... specifically, the w1907

Oh.  My.
I have to play with it some more, get the brightness/contrast levels to my liking (out of the box, it was bright enough to give me a headache), but this thing was a revelation.

Then I hooked it up to the computer via the included DVI cable.

Imagine all your life, you've been driving a miserable 4-cyl Yugo.  Then someone hands you the keys to a McLaren F1 supercar...

Yeah, it's kinda like that.

I tell ya, Morty, this thing is GOOD.

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When I built my new computer last fall, all I had around was the 19" CRT hooked up to my primary surfing/anime machine and the old 14" CRT that came with my very first computer. What I ended up doing was rigging the new PC up in a dual-monitir configuration with the 14" CRT and an ancient console television (I didn't want to pull the 19 off the other machine). That worked ok for a while, but when I got my Christmas bonus, I went out and bought one of these.

I wish I'd waited a couple months, because the model that replaced that one has HDMI connectivity, meaning I could use it for HDTV as well. It's possible to adapt HDMI to DVI-D, but I don't know if the monitor I have can process the HD signal from my cable box. I'd hate to spend the money on an adapter and HDMI cable only to find out it won't work.

Posted by: Will at April 15, 2008 10:24 AM (WnBa/)

2 Will, my final two choices were the HP and the 19" version of your monitor.

In the end, the HP had a slightly better picture to my eyes, so I went with it.  If I hadn't've seen the Samsung and the HP right next to each other, though, I probably would have gone with the Samsung.  It certainly blew the other 19" widescreens on display out of the water.

I'll say this, though: if I had twice as much money to spend, I'd have gotten the same monitor you did (or the newer version of it).  I was really impressed by the Samsung line, and on the whole, their monitors were less expensive than the HPs (mine was $20 more than the 19" Samsung).

Actually, maybe I wouldn't've gotten the same one you did... there's something wrong with having a monitor (24") that's bigger than your TV (23").

Posted by: Wonderduck at April 16, 2008 12:58 AM (AW3EJ)


I've had a lot of luck with HP monitors. The 14" monitor I mentioned is an HP from 1998. Not many CRTs that size supported 1024x768 resolution at the time. This one did, and it's still bright and sharp (if a little dirty at the moment).

I have a couple old tube TV's in the 27" range, but one is an old console from the late 70's and the other has somehow activated its own V-chip. Now if anything rated over PG comes on, it blocks me. (The original remote did not come with a numerical keypad, and it won't let me key in the factory override PIN from my universal remote for some stupid reason) Neither accepts anything more advanced than RF for input. Getting one hooked up to the computer was an adventure.

Posted by: Will at April 16, 2008 11:27 AM (WnBa/)

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