July 05, 2007


This will be a very recursive post: I'm blogging about not being able to blog.

I'm having a crisis of writing. I can't seem to make myself write anything interesting, clever, or informative (I leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out if I ever did).

Perhaps worse, I don't seem to particularly care that I'm not being "interesting, clever or informative." I KNOW I'm just blogging by the numbers, particularly on the one thing I consider the flagship of The Pond: the F1 UPDATE!s.

Of course, this would have to be a race weekend, wouldn't it? And at Silverstone, my favorite F1 track to boot. The way it's going, I'll trot out all the usual tropes: "Becketts, Copse and Maggots blah blah blah," "cars changing direction like slotcars natter natter natter," "Lewis Hamilton's first F1 race on his home track yadda yadda yadda."

Is that interesting to anybody?

Then there's anime. I'm still watching Hayate The Combat Butler and Lucky Star, and even Hidamari Sketch (when there's a new episode online), but I'm not exactly excited about it. The shows are fine, funny in the right places, melodramatic at times, but they aren't like, say, Haruhi or Kanon... the gripping show that grabs me by the pinfeathers and forces me to watch four or five or six episodes at a sitting.

I want to write something about the finale of Rocket Girls, but in my current blogblocked state, I know I'd just pee it down my leg.

Heck, go back and look at my post about Fred Saberhagen's death... is that well-written, clever, or interesting? I suggest the answer would be 'no'.

So welcome to the mind of The Duck: blocked tighter than someone who swallowed a bottle of Imodium.

I have a desire to make another AMV (using Kanon again, because I don't want to get into DVD ripping quite yet), but the idea just isn't there. I want to feel like I'm being creative, like I did during the making of "...Angel"... that felt really, really good, but nothing's jumping off the screen at me.

Anybody have any suggestions on what a struggling duck could do to unplug himself? Because I'm fresh out...

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1 Well, if it's all the back and forth about my project that's giving you the itch, I'm not sure whether to be glad or apologize.

Are you still watching El Cazador? One of the things that really impresses me about the show is the effort that went into facial expressions. There's just an incredible range shown by Nadie, and they started getting Ellis into the act in the more recent episodes.

Posted by: Will at July 05, 2007 04:42 PM (olS40)

2 You could start by not selling yourself short. We are always our own worst critics. Besides, there really was nothing to write about after the French GP. Of course, now there's a little espionage happening that may need analysis.

Why not take a vacation from blogging and all after-work computer activity for a while? (After Silverstone, I mean. I still rely on F1 update - even if it doesn't meet your standards, it meets mine.) Do something palate-cleansing - maybe pay a visit to your brother ducks down at the lagoon. No doubt a week away from the computer (and the self-imposed pressure to write) would make it better when you got back into it...

Posted by: Vaucanson's Duck at July 06, 2007 04:16 AM (oplPK)

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