November 12, 2019

Because Rusty2 Said So

When my rubber duckies start talking to me, telling me to do something, I'm gonna do it.  So when Rusty2 said "post that picture, I look good in it," I'm sure as heck not gonna say no.

Oh sure, like your rubber ducks don't talk to you?  

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1 Rusty isn't actually a Rubber duck, is he?

Posted by: Mauser at November 12, 2019 10:25 PM (Ix1l6)

2 I truly deeply regret not making note of the artist behind the Rusty ducks. I would buy more of them if I could, in a heartbeat.

Posted by: GreyDuck at November 12, 2019 10:25 PM (rKFiU)

3 Mauser, he's a cast-iron rubber duck.  We're all-inclusive here at The Pond when it comes to The Flock.
GD, my memory is not the same as it was when you were kind enough to present me with Rusty 2, but I distinctly remember you saying that the metalsmith disappeared from... the open-air market?... you got him from like immediately afterwards.
Like, you got OG Rusty, then some time later got Rusty 2, then the next weekend the metalsmith disappeared from the stalls, never to be seen again.
To me, that sounds like he existed only to provide you and me with Rustys.  His task completed, he was returned to the Duck Spirit World.

Posted by: Wonderduck at November 13, 2019 03:47 PM (18xJF)

4 Were he not likely to rust more, I can imagine some very odd photography with Rusty at the bottom of a tub while the rest float serenely above.

Posted by: Mauser at November 13, 2019 08:34 PM (Ix1l6)

5 I don't have rubber ducks, but no, my stuffed animals don't speak to me. I wish they would. I need someone in my life who can at least pretend to be happy to see me come home. Or to tell me I'm awesome.

Posted by: fillyjonk at November 14, 2019 11:23 AM (o5UlT)

6 Am I the only person who read this as a cry for help?

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at November 23, 2019 02:01 AM (5iiQK)

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