November 24, 2006

Anime Night Report: CCS

So, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Librarian and I decided to move Anime Night to Wednesday... that way, we could get together earlier than normal and I could buy us dinner (Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza... yum!) for once. Usually, she brings dinner, and I provide everything else, but that makes me feel guilty.

Anyway, after great food and conversation, we broke out the remains of PockyPalooza II: Electric Boogaloo, settled into our usual seats, and fired up the DVD player. This week's episodes mostly DIDN'T center on Sakura, oddly enough. Ep22, "Sakura and her Kind Father", centers on her father (duh); Ep23, "Sakura, Tomoyo, and Wonderful Songs", hits Tomoyo (and has the cutest outfit for Kero-Chan yet); Ep25 was "Sakura and Another Sakura", which leans on her brother and The Mirror card heavy, and Ep26 introduces a new character with "Sakura and the Wonderful Teacher". The only episode that really centered on Sakura was 24, "Sakura's Little Adventure."

Episode 22 might be my favorite so far. The relationship between Sakura, her father, and her brother really does seem to be 'perfect.' They're all completely devoted to each other, and not in a sappy way, either. In this world of video games and iPod earbuds blocking out reality, it was really refreshing.

But as is usual when The Librarian and I get togther, our senses of humor heterodyned and we just started riffing on the show. For example, bet you didn't know that Sakura's father is sleeping with his 'Research Assistant', did you? Or that The Mirror is simply Tomoyo's greatest fantasy come true?

Really, we're spending more time having fun with the show than watching it. We'd probably drive serious fans crazy.

We discovered that the Clow Cards have realized that someone's hunting them... and they ain't happy 'bout it. Things are gonna get nasty, I think. Heck, The Mirror already tried to kill Toya by making him walk off a cliff (successfully... I mean, "successfully walk off a cliff," not "successfully killed Toya." Toya can be pretty dumb at times.). I'm wondering what the cost to Sakura will be in the end...

Gotta keep giving this show huge approval ratings. I'm even going to say that it's BETTER than my favorite show, Azumanga Daioh... but it's not going to move AzuDai out of that slot. But it'll be 2nd with a bullet, that's for sure.

Anyway, after the episodes were over for the night, The Librarian and I wound up discussing the Holiday season, and how much we don't much like it... while standing in the kitchen, for some reason. Oddly, we both said that we don't like the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year stretch, and it's not because we worked retail and hated the incessant crowds and evil customers...

(Digression: we've both either had books thrown at us, or have been in charge when something like that happened. We both ran mall bookstores for the same chain, which is how we became friends... it's been five or six years since she worked for them, four or five for me, but we stayed close. End Digression.)

...except I think, for both of us, at least some of our dislike comes from that. Not all, but there's a sliver of deep, deep hatred for people because of our experiences in retail.

Did I mention Sakura had bunny ears in one episode?

Look!  It's the Cheat!!!

(image from the AMV "Lollipops, Sunshine, and rrrRRRrrr" by Dokidoki. A must watch if you're a CCS fan!)

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1 The size of that thing daunts me. I bought the last volume (ep.68 - 70) and it looked great, but to buy all these DVDs looks like too great a task.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at November 24, 2006 06:11 PM (9imyF)

2 Pete, I'm afraid I'm unsure of where you're located (I haven't dug around in your website much), but if you're in the US, The Right Stuf has the entire series (minus the movies) available for $80... check it out at

That's how I got the thing... I couldn't've done it otherwise, not when the individual DVDs cost $600, and the box sets run $300 or so.

Posted by: Wonderduck at November 24, 2006 07:31 PM (0Co69)

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