January 03, 2007

Anime Night, CardCaptor Sakura, and me.

With the holiday hell behind us, The Librarian and I got together to continue Anime Night, and jumped right back into Cardcaptor Sakura. After a false alarm with my pulse (nothing happened, but I freaked a little bit... which is why this report didn't go up on Tuesday night; I spent the night at my folks' place... thanks, Momduck!), we hit the DVDs hard... and are now, officially through the first broadcast season! Woohoooo!!!

...which means we only have 11 more episodes to go before the first story arc concludes. WOW, this is a long series.

I don't know how The Librarian felt about the four episodes (32 thru 35) that we watched, but I for one was kinda disappointed. The last of the bunch, Sakura's Wonderful Christmas was the highlight, but the other three were just... meh. Lots of funny, but the spark seemed to be gone. Hey, it took them 32 episodes to really go flat... most series would KILL to go that long without a clinker.

So, anywho, still enjoying the series... though the MST3K-style riffing didn't happen much last night.

Here's hoping all is better next DVD!

And how are YOU?

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