December 15, 2005

37-year Tune-up, lube, and oil change...

You may remember me mentioning that I was wearing a portable EKG thingy last week. Well, this morning I got the results back.

I'm clean.

Oh, I still need to clean up my vile habits, but I'm working on that. But my ticker is tickin' over, sweet as a V10 runnin' at 19000 RPM.

Except not quite that quick. EVERYthing that can be measured regarding my heart is lower than it was, and THAT is the good news. BP 130/85, pulse of 84, even the EKG printout looked absolutely normal and regular... no unknown blips, beeps, spikes or poits.

Hey, I just realized: I now know what it feels like to be a F1 car, what with it's constant telemetry monitoring! Cool!


Of course, it's not all ribbons & bows; after all, my heart DID act like a fratboy on a bender for a measurable length of time there, and that's gonna make me gunshy for a LONG while.

But as for now, I've been given my 37-year tune-up, lube and oil change, and I'm ready to leave the pits for the next couple dozen laps.

Or something like that.

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1 Yay, that is very, very good news

My niece was doing the exact same thing this week, she's a diabetic with a few problems, and she had had some blood pressure issues lately, so they wanted to check her out.

Glad you are doing good. I was worried they were going to fit you with a split wing or something for a moment.

Posted by: flotsky at December 15, 2005 08:58 PM (6T2ID)

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