March 19, 2011

RRG! Loves Me

I knew it would happen.  I could simply feel that it was going to happen.  I knew it was only a matter of time.  Lord knows I deserve it for watching this show.  And the Production Staff rewarded me for my devotion and forbearance.

-Rio Rainbow Gate, ep11

Oh heck yes.

This episode falls into the "Epically STUPID!" category, so it might take longer than normal to create the writeup.  But there was a duck, so it's a fair trade.

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And a pig, too!

Posted by: ButMadNNW at March 19, 2011 09:24 PM (St4Az)

2 That's the loli, isn't it?

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at March 19, 2011 09:57 PM (+rSRq)

3 A duck AND a robot. Hallelujah.

Posted by: GreyDuck at March 19, 2011 11:28 PM (7lMXI)

4 Steven, that is indeed Mint.  Wearing battle armor.

Posted by: Wonderduck at March 19, 2011 11:38 PM (W8Men)

5 As I await your full review, I'm not sure if I'm feeling anticipation or dread...

Posted by: Siergen at March 20, 2011 03:09 PM (Gqqsw)

6 I'll just say this:  I couldn't stop smiling during this episode.  It felt like coming home to really good friends. 

Did I say "good"?  I meant "stupid".  Really stupid friends.

Posted by: wahsatchmo at March 20, 2011 07:53 PM (zEE+3)

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