May 31, 2012

Regiment Time

While I work feverishly on getting the HSotD Ep09 review done (it's proving to be both easier and more difficult than I expected), I wish to play you the song of my people I wanted to say that the Phantom Regiment has come back to Duck U for the Summer.

These folks were gathered just behind the Duckmobile this evening, listening to a speech.  It's days like this that must make their lives miserable: it rained all day, with a high of 47°.  This past Sunday, it was 99°... a fifty-degree shift in four days?  Aieeeeeeee!  So what does it matter if the Phantom Regiment is practicing at Duck U?  Well...

Turn your volume up.  Do it.  Oh, and get a kleenex, because it's gonna make you cry.
I heard that as I left work yesterday... and that's just a warmup piece; it's not even part of their routine.  This does tend to put a smile on your face at the end of a long day. 

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