February 06, 2018

NASAmanga Daioh

Y'all remember Moonbase Alpha?   The co-op game that NASA put together to simulate spaceman life on the Moon?  For a while there, there was a hot meme involving the game's text-to-speech program repeatedly saying, and later singing, "John Madden."  It's that last bit that concerns us today, for some of the singing that was arranged was actually fairly good... I mean, as good as you could expect a Stephen Hawking soundalike to sound.  I've played around with text-to-speech in one game or another, and making it sound like... well, speech... isn't all that easy, so even those simple bits impress me.

And then there's this:

...to which my reaction was:

But wait!  THERE'S MORE!

...and as always, Monika finds her way into everything:
For those of you unfamiliar, here's the original version.  So cheerful!

What's my point for all of this?  Point?  I need a point?

I do have a suggestion for another song though:

Seriously!  The ED for Yuru Camp would be perfect in Moonbase Alpha-speak.

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