November 30, 2005

Darth Ecclestone Sells F1!

This is a few days old, but... Bernie has sold his (controlling) stake in Formula One... for THREE BILLION DOLLARS.

Rumors abound, of course. "It's a way for the manufacturers to buy the series!" "Bernie is bailing before it goes belly-up!" And on and on... I prefer to just CELEBRATE!

Until I think: It's possible that someone/thing worse can take over. And then I cry.

In other F1 News:

Robert Doorknob is going to be Friday Driver for the Bovines of Crimson. Aren't they lucky? They deserve him.

Narain Karthekeyain's sponsor in India, Tata Motors, is apparantly giving thoughts to getting into auto racing in a big way... read: maybe F1-level big.

Super Aguri F1 still is laboring to get ready for next year. Rumors are saying that either A) they'll be using last year's BAR-Honda chassis, or 2) the 2002 ARROWS chassis. Great googly mooglie, what's next? The six-wheeled March/Lola? The 1970s-era John Player Special? (Please? Pretty please?)

Midland-Jordan is no longer Midland, Jordan, or any combination thereof. They are now officially MF1. Hold all "M-F" jokes, please. They've got a snazzy paintjob, if nothing else.

...and I'm tapped out for today. Lots of backstage stuff in F1, little that's interesting, though. Until next time, Make Mine Minardi!

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1 What I don't understand, is how he sells it, and still stays in charge effectively. I do realise he gets somewhat less money for doing the job, but its a sweet deal to sell someone your business for a monster truckload of cash, then still get to run it.

Posted by: flotsky at November 30, 2005 08:17 PM (6T2ID)

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