September 16, 2007



*FERRARI WINS: ...and it wasn't even close. The only drama was "would Massa's car blow up before the start?" As they sat there, waiting for the lights to go green, Phil's Ferrari started to smoke like a forest fire. All was well, though, and the two Ferraris ran away and hid.

*ALONSO BEATS HAMILTON: ...after shoving him off the track in the first turn. Thanks to the reprofiling of the course, it didn't hurt Lewis much (lots of asphalt runoff there, opposed to gravel like 2005), but it's showing what Alonso's willing to do to win. After the race, Hamilton flat out said that he thinks Alonso tried to wreck him. He might be right, but, Lewis? "Shut up and drive."

*DRIVER OF THE RACE: Kimi Raikkonen. Was never challenged, never put a wheel wrong, basically drove the perfect race, and won his third consecutive F1 race at the Swimming Pool. May very well have, finally, earned himself the #1 driver status on his team.

*TEAM OF THE RACE: Ferrari. Honorable mention goes to Spyker, for their success with Adrian Sutil getting as high as 12th at one point. God, this is galling.

*MOVE OF THE RACE: On lap 3, Mark Webber tailed Heikki Kovaleinninie through Eau Rouge and pulled even Raidillon. Racing side-by-side up to Les Combes, he pinned the Renault against the right side of the course, then, at the last moment, dove cross-track into the racing line just in time for braking. Of course, 'Ninnie couldn't do anything but brake hard and lose the spot. Lovely job, Webbo!

*MOOOOOOO-OOVE OF THE RACE: Adrian Sutil took his Spyker for a fun offroad adventure, popping a wheelie out of Eau Rouge as he bounded across the grass. Still ended up 14th, so it didn't hurt him... a weak example of Bovine Behavior, but he still wins the Moooo-oove.

*DRIVER QUOTES OF THE RACE: ...are delayed until later tonight.

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1 Man that was a pretty dull race after the first pass through Eau Rouge. Some gorgeous camerawork though, watching in-car footage throughout the race. They should have just shown that to be honest, and updated us every half-hour that the positions at the front were the same.

Posted by: flotsky at September 16, 2007 12:49 PM (/n2FK)

2 Think Hamilton and Alonso will come to blows before the season is over?

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at September 16, 2007 03:12 PM (+rSRq)

3 I hope so. If it's a pay-per-view event, I'm ponying up. I want an undercard of Max Mosely and Bernie Ecclestone vs Ron Dennis and Paul Stoddart, no holds barred.

Posted by: Wonderduck at September 16, 2007 03:22 PM (M7kiy)

4 Yep, a rather dull race, but some beautiful scenery.

I'm with Wonderduck. I'd pay to see Hamilton vs. Alonso on pay-per-view.

Posted by: Mallory at September 17, 2007 01:00 AM (3sife)

5 I was up on my feet ranting by the time they got to the top of the hill on the first lap, saying "If I was Hamilton, Alonso would have been in a smoking pile in the Armco just after Eau Rhouge, lap 1!" My significant other said "that is the difference... Hamilton stays much cooler under pressure than Alonso". And from Alonso's driving, you can tell he's under pressure (even if it's Alonso-created pressure).

Posted by: madmike at September 17, 2007 02:05 AM (BWBM2)

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