December 06, 2006

Open Letter to a Troll

Recently, The Pond got it's first visit from an anime-hating troll. While I generally prefer to starve trolls to death and then jump up and down on their corpses, since this is MY VERY OWN first troll, I wanted to say a few words.

Dear Troll...
Thank you for the comment you left during your recent visit to The Pond. While it was poorly written and hard to understand, it certainly showed that you are either a terribly prejudiced, perhaps racist, person, or maybe just a profoundly ignorant one, with a taste for censorship to boot.
While I have only a handful of regular readers, and losing any reader is something small bloggers hate, I'd prefer it if you never bring yourself to my Pond ever again. In conclusion:
THAT for your 'bubby', Troll...

Have a swell day,

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December 04, 2006

MuNu Pays Off!

As you may have seen once or twice, The Pond is hosted by MuNuVania, which is run by a swell guy (for not being a duck) in Australia named Pixy Misa.

Pixy just announced that he's going to be creating a commercial version of MuNu, and finally will be paid for his efforts! This is fantastic news, and a huge round of applause and congratulations need to go out to Big Daddy Pixy!

I'm only assuming he wears glasses...

I've been a denizen of MuNuVania for about 18 months now, and I thank my lucky stars that Pixy invited me in, and away from the evil Bloggermonster.

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More Ducks in Anime

As seen in Kanon 2006, episode 5:

La la la, I'm in the bathtub, la la... huh?

Whoops.  This is gonna hurt...

Ninja Attack Duck STRIKE!!!!!

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December 03, 2006

Yamato Rising

SDB muses:

Tomorrow UPS will deliver my latest DVD order, and I'll get to watch yet another incarnation of Yamato in anime. It will, at least, be a bit more realistic. Or maybe not. They're not going to lift it into space, but a 13 year old girl is going to single-handedly lift it from the depths and move it back to a Japanese port.

Now I'm curious: when the girl/god in question raises the Yamato, will it be in one piece, or will it be in historically accurate shape (i.e., in two chunks, with the main turrets out of their barbettes)?

Considering that it's a god doing the raising, she can probably repair the damage while she's at it. Maybe a new coat of paint. Buff out the dings...

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