October 01, 2005

What a week.

Hopefully Fernando Alonso (either one of them, if you read that particular post) had fun the past week, because yours truly (as opposed to Jarno Trulli) has had a miserable one.

First, the teeth were pulled Monday afternoon. Thanks to the Momduck for taking care of me while I was doped to the gills, by the way! I know I was goofy (okay, goofier) there for a while.

Tuesday, I come home... but stop by BlueBoxStore on the way and pick up a new monitor for my 'puter. I'd been using an 10-year old CRT from work for the past year and I realized that a) the upper-right quarter of the screen was blurry, and b) everything had a yellowish hue to it. So, new monitor for me, and it's a doozy... a 19" CRT for under $100 (that's 77.42 nurburgrings for my British reades). So I get home, turn on the computer, and discover that my graphics card had just coughed up a lung and died. Visible scan lines on the screen, everything having a "drop shadow" that extended horizontally as far as the screen would go, and most ominously, a quiet buzzing noise from the computer case... all of which is why I haven't posted much this week, except for really brief things from work: it was hard to look at my computer!

Wednesday, I actually went back to work, and boy, was THAT a mistake. I spent the day high as a kite from vicodin... luckily, I didn't have to do anything that required precision, like count money. Or walk and chew gum at the same time.

Thursday, we had inventory at the Duck U. bookstore. The less said about that, the better.

And this weekend? Homecoming for Duck U... and the Return of Alumni. Of course, I worked today (saturday), and will be working Sunday as well. Weekend? What's that?

So, yeah, I suppose it's not as bad as, say, having my home washed away by a hurricane, but it hasn't been a good week. Hopefully, I'll post more as we get closer to Suzuka!

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