July 12, 2012

Midway: The Speech

Want to hear a lot of great stuff about the Battle of Midway, from the mouth of one of the authors of the book Shattered Sword?  Clear an hour, bunkie, because here's Jonathan Parshall discussing it in the  General Raymond E. Mason, Jr. Distinguished Lecture Series speech at the National World War II Museum on the 70th anniversary of Midway.

A lot of good stuff there.  I'll admit that none of it was new to me, but it's safe to say that I know more about Midway than average... in part because of Parshall's work in Shattered Sword.  I'd love to have heard his thoughts on The Flight To Nowhere, though as he points in the Q&A session afterwards, there's so much to discuss regarding Midway that there's no way to get to it all in an hour.  Still a darn fine job.

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Very interesting.  I can not say that Shattered Sword is without faults (Namely a bit of the analysis at the end.), but it is a very good book.  Very readable, although not nearly as much as Incredible Victory but that is a case of praising with faint damns.


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