March 25, 2016

Random Anime Picture #114: Bleeeeeeeeeh!

-Konosuba, Ep03

So over at Ubu's place, and might I say that it's mighty good to see him blogginatin' with some frequency again, he was talking about this oddball show called, and I quote, "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!"

As that's quite the mouthful, some bright spark shortened it to "Konosuba" and we'll leave it at that.  Anyway, it's a sendup of the old "dead useless guy is brought back to life in another world to save it from The Evil" plot.  In this case, dead useless guy is still useless, and the harem party he forms around him are ridiculously powerful... and totally useless.

Like the paladin Crusader that's so clumsy that she literally cannot hit anything offensively.  She does, however make a great wall.  Good thing she's a masochist.  Or the wizard who is strong enough to cast the most powerful offensive spell, "Explosion."  Except when she does, it uses all of her power for the entire day... can't even stand up afterwards.  Oh, did I mention that it's the only spell she knows?  Terrible against a single enemy... not bad against hordes of flying cabbages, however.

Why would you think I'd joke about something like that?

Then there's the Goddess.  I mean that literally: she's an actual Goddess.  She's great at using holy water for healing purposes, and for being eaten by giant toads, but otherwise?  Dumb as a box of hair, and totally incompetent.

Then there's the lass up at the top of this post, Chris the Thief.  She actually appears to be useful.  We meet her at the beginning of Ep03, then the flying cabbages come and she disappears.  Totally gone, and nobody seems to notice or care. 

It's managed to keep my attention through three episodes... so there's that, I suppose.  It's not high art, but it's okay.

Yes, praising with faint damns, I know.

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March 13, 2016

Random Anime Picture #114: Forgotten, Or Outgrown?

-Love Hina, Ep01

So what happened to Love Hina, anyway?  It went from ridiculously popular to viewed with some vague distaste by a large segment of the community, on those rare occasions its mentioned at all.  Heck, it was even one of the first series available via digital fansub.

It's goofy, it's fun, it's got plenty of fanservice, but at its core its a romance between two people that are perfect for each other, but can't quite admit it to themselves yet.  While I think the manga is better than the anime, I enjoy them both.

So why the dislike for the series?  Is it the violence perpetrated upon the main character?  Do people think the animation hasn't aged well?  Or is it just too goofy anymore?  It's a classic series, though nobody will put it on any best-of-all-time lists.  It's a heckuva romp, though.

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March 05, 2016

Random Anime Picture #113: The Smile That Sank A Thousand Abyssals

-Kantai Collection, Ep12
Because everybody needs more Mutsu in their lives.

To be fair, however: if Mutsu hadn't've been there to keep my morale up during the Kancolle writeups...

...Kirishima would have done quite nicely.  Just sayin'.

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March 03, 2016

Random Anime Picture #112: SPAAAAAAAAAACE!

-Planetes Ep01
Because even in the future, astronauts wear diapers.  And top hats.

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