July 10, 2013

Random Anime Picture #80: I'm Confused

-Love Lab, Ep01

Love Lab is a perfectly inoffensive show, revolving around the wacky hijinks of the girls from the Student Council of Fuji Girls School.  It's nothing earth-shaking, and it's also nothing that's forcing me to watch it.  I might be losing my taste for "cute girls doing cute things in cute ways" shows, particularly when there isn't anything behind it, like interesting plot.  The above character, Riko, has proven to be particularly hard for me to deal with, though.  We all know about the "cute little fang" trope, right?  Riko is a rare example of someone with two of them... or, at least, she's supposed to have two cute little fangs.

In reality, she just comes off as looking evil and demonic.  She's not, she just looks like it... which isn't a plot point, it's a mistake.  She's a "sporty, athletic" girl, not the spawn of evil!  The rest of the show was "meh," but the twin fangs drove me up a wall, confused and wondering when she was gonna shiv someone.  I'll probably watch another episode to see if it gets better, but yeesh.

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