May 29, 2012

Random Anime Picture #71: Why We Don't Live In Trees

-Blood-C, Ep04

I'm working on the writeup for High School of the Dead, Ep09, and while I've made fair progress, I needed to stop.  So instead of that, you get a picture of a high school girl / vampire hunter falling out of a tree onto J Random Guy.  The way she lands the poor guy should have been instantly fatal to him due to the rupture of various internal organs, but this is anime.

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May 09, 2012

Random Anime Picture #70: Sloths in Anime #5

-Polar Bear Cafe, Ep03
A llama, an okapi a tapir, an otter and a sloth walk into a cafe...

As animals go, having a sloth appear in an anime seems to be a rather unlikely choice.  I'm not sure why I started noticing them (maybe because they're a rather unlikely choice?), but notice them I have.  Not gonna threaten the rubber ducks in anime category anytime soon, but...

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