July 12, 2008

Random Anime Picture #23: World Destruction!

-World Destruction, ep01

Okay, so lets look at this.  We've got a show where the main character is a hawt swordsbabe with the apparent ability to literally destroy the world, and she's not afraid to threaten to use it.  The powers that be are trying to stop her, hijinks occur.

All right, not a bad setup, why wouldn't anybody enjoy that?


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July 03, 2008

Random (not) Anime Picture #22

-Top Gear, season 10 episode 09

In honor of the British Grand Prix running this weekend, on Silverstone's 60th year of operation, I decided to use a shot from the Top Gear episode where the lads and The Stig participate in the Britcar 24 Hour race at Silverstone.

Yes, those are sponsor logos: Pearse Biscuits and Peniston Oil.  Or maybe it's referring to Hamster and Clarkston.

I've become a fan of Top Gear.  A big fan.  If only it was shown here in the States, on a station I can get (i.e., no BBC America)...

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July 01, 2008

Random Anime Picture #21

-Soul Eater, I don't remember which episode

Funny, Tsubaki sure doesn't look like she's a living weapon.  The full-sized version of this pic is my current wallpaper, actually.

(this post is by request of Brickmuppet, who whined that he missed the Random Anime Pictures while I was on hiatus... here ya go, Mr. Muppet!)

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