November 03, 2009

A Celebratory Double Ducks In Anime

I can't believe it, but it's true!  The Ducks In Anime show of shows, Hidamari Sketch, has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks/Section 23 and will be available here January 10th, 2010.  Many times I've said that there was no chance in the world that the series would get picked up, what with the state of the industry being what it is and all.  I'm deliriously happy to be wrong, though.

In celebration, it's time for a double-shot of Ducks In Anime!

-Hidamari Sketch x365, Broadcast Special 02

We had what was, in HidaSketch terms, an action sequence for the duckie when it actually turned a full 360 in response to Yuno's moving her arms in the tub... and had the screen entirely to itself in the process!  I swear, SHAFT must be catering to the duck lovers of the world.

The next pic is behind the NSFW tag, not because it is, but because some workplace somewhere would probably look askance at it:

-Hidamari Sketch x365, Broadcast Special 02

I don't think I've been this happy to hear about a license being picked up since Funimation took over Kanon 2006 from the corpse of ADV, when the latter went down before releasing the final DVD of the series!

It only makes sense that Sentai would grab HidaSketch, though... in my mind, it's absolutely an ADV kind-of show.

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