February 26, 2007

F1 Pr0n: Goofy Edition!

There are no words:
Picture from Sutton.  Vomit by Honda.

I'm not going to talk about the differences in aero or whatever here. I'm going to talk about the paintjob for the new Honda.

Actually, I'm simply wondering who thought this was a good idea:
Earth: The Stupid Frontier.

Yes, it's a marvelous technical achievement, the globe on a F1 car. Bravo. Even better, YOU can put your name, website, or whatever you want on the car as well, just by purchasing some pixels on the image. Proceeds go to a good cause, or chassis development, or something.

What the hell were they thinking?!? They're going to look ridiculous out there. Hell, they look ridiculous now. I can't wait for the first engine fire, it'll look like the aftermath of a nuclear exchange.

The paddock is SO going to make fun of them...

UPDATE: In an e-mail to me, Official First Reader Mallory brought up a good point... namely, what is the pit-crew fire suit going to look like? What if Saudi Arabia ends up on the butt of a tire changer? Will Japan be over the heart of all of them? We need to know the answers to this!

In a similar vein, does anybody see the emergency gear release on the car anywhere? It's supposed to be clearly marked for safety reasons, and I'm not seeing it.

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