July 23, 2011

Saturday Night Tunage VII

Once more, my friends, once more... it is I, DJ Wonderduck, and once more it is time for Saturday Night Tunage!  Tonight, I'm just throwing stuff to the metaphorical wall.  Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't.  Either way, hopefully you'll find it interesting.  Or not.  Up to you.  Onto the music...

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July 16, 2011

Saturday Night Tunage VI

It's  another Saturday Night Tunage to liven up your weekend!  I'm your party host, DJ Wonderduck, and tonight's Tunage is a special one!  I mean, they're all special, but this one is even more special than usual, for this one... is all Eighties music, all the time!  It's should come as no shock to any of my readers listeners whatever you folks are that I'm a '80s fan... it's the music of my callow yoot, after all.  But there's more to it than that.  For I believe that the '80s were the last bastion of a time where music didn't have to actually mean anything.  It was just there for fun!  No messages, no statements, just a rolickin' good time.  Sure, there were songs that had an underlying motive to them (U2 and The Clash, for example, were rather heavy-handed about that), but the majority of it all?  Go out and have a good time!

So let's get on with it already!


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July 09, 2011

Saturday Night Tunage V

Once more, this time with feeling, it's Saturday Night Tunage with your host, DJ Wonderduck.  I wasn't sure I was going to do the Tunage this week, but whilst at work on Friday the instore music system managed to blow my mind... forcing me to inflict the pain share the joy with you!  I'm sure you'll appreciate the "stacks and stacks of red hot wax" I'll be layin' down for your enjoyment, so lets get started!


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July 02, 2011

Saturday Night Tunage IV

Another Saturday night, another Saturday Night Tunage with me, DJ Wonderduck, spinning the music of my life out into the vast reaches of the intertoobs for the pleasure of you, my readers listeners.  It's almost like I'm back behind the mic at one of the various radio stations I used to work for, with one major difference: I can play what I want!  No more playlists making the music decisions for me, I'm stickin' it to The Man, go crazy folks riot in the streets woo!

Or, y'know, not.  Because rioting in the streets isn't... well... very nice.  And you're likely to be hit by a car.  I don't want you to be hit by a car, and would feel bad if my choice of music made you want to go out into the streets and riot without looking both ways first.  If you do feel an overwhelming urge to riot in the streets after listening to Saturday Night Tunage, please let me know so I can adjust my choices of music to something less riot-inducing.  Saturday Night Tunage may have been in contact with peanuts.  Saturday Night Tunage has been known to cause reactions in people with an allergy to asparagus.  Do not taunt Saturday Night Tunage.  If Saturday Night Tunage lasts for four hours or more, please contact your doctor. 


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